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Question: What was the best wrinkle cream in 2013?

Answer: Platinum Creme Excellence.


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Best wrinkle cream

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Best Wrinkle Cream 2013

‘Photoshop’ beauty standards are impossible to achieve in real life. This method of creating perfect skin tone and flawless, wrinkle-free images has created an unnatural desire amongst women to achieve ‘pixel-perfect-skin’.


In reality we have to invest time researching anti-wrinkle products that actually stand a good chance of giving us back those lost years of skin-abuse. If you can be subjective when bombarded with high-budget marketing campaigns, you can train yourself to identify the science behind products that actually work to reduce other signs of ageing…   Finding an effective solution to ageing can be a mine-field… but extensive research shows that small and relatively unknown brands are the ones leading the fight against the signs of ageing.


The best product available at present is quite possibly from a small, luxury brand Planet Skincare.


This premium product claims to reduce wrinkles by an amazing 61% and ‘The Lady Magazine’ said its readers who used this wrinkle busting cream thought it excelled their expectations!


- in our opinion… this anti-ageing cream is worth the price tag!


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From beauty experts to product fanatics, you’ll find one product range receives more genuine reviews than any other: Planet Skincare’s Anti-Ageing creams have consistently set the beauty industry ‘fizzing’ with excitement!




Planet Skincare leads the fight against wrinkles with cutting-edge technologies, potent formulas & proven medical science engineered into our products.


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